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2nd Meditation & Mandala day!

This was so successful last month that we’re already hosting another! Let Reiki Master Jackie Maude guide you through a creative visualisation in the morning and then from your notes and memory, let Sue Hackney guide you through creating your own mandala in the afternoon. Lunch is pretty colourful too! The next one is Friday June 14th ~ let us know if you would like to join the group…

med + mand

Here’s what the folks on the last course came up with… Pretty cool stuff eh? But don’t be influenced by what you see here, come along and see what’s inside your mind!

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Painted Mandalas!

Here’s what the girls were able to paint after being guided through Jackie Maude’s visual meditation. They sat quietly in the meditation hall upstairs – ok, that’s a bit of a grand name for the mezzanine level of the barn, but hey! it worked! – becoming grounded, feeling safe, going within…being guided with skill and careful attention to detail to drop our usual way of thinking and take a deeper, wider view, opening up our mind’s eye and learning to see what’s there. Then after a yummy mid morning break of cardamon & ginger biscuits and bean brownies (well, who wouldn’t be inspired after such food for thought?) walked silently around our garden in springtime… After an equally picturesque lunch – oops! no time to take photos, you’ll just have to take my word for it! – Sue Hackney took over and explained the idea of a mandala and how it relates to what they saw in their mind’s eye… all pretty cool stuff, don’t you think?!

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You’ll be pleased to know that the next Meditation & Mandala Day is already planned for Friday June 14th. Why not try your hand at painting your very own mandala after a morning of mindful meditation. As one of our participants said.. “Thank you very much for a lovely day. I really did enjoy it all enormously. I’ve not found (or made!) time to paint for over two years now and had forgotten just how much I enjoy it!”

Don’t wait to do the things you enjoy doing – just do them!