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Stop horsing around!

Maybe its time to stop horsing around with food and get back to basics folks! Keep your food simple, organic whenever possible and free from processing! Plant it! Grow it! Love it! Eat it! Give yourself a fighting chance – eat loads of fresh fruit and veg in your daily diet – your body will love you for it!


Boost Your Immune System!

Make sure you get lots of these 3 things in your diet on a daily basis! Start the day with a glass of warm water and a wedge of lemon juice squeezed in – you couldn’t do a better thing for your body! Slice & dice garlic and ginger into pretty much anything – including your lemon water drink! Don’t be tempted to tip boiling water straight onto the lemon, you’ll scold the nutrients and destroy the enzymes and Vitamin C! It’s a devilish detoxifier – flushing the kidneys and liver, and stimulates the immune system. Get sipping straight away!

3 foods

photo courtesy of The Earth Diet.