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Into the public domain!

This is me and my stand at the Christmas market at Anais! One of a number of markets I’m at through out the year. I take along my mobile ergonomic massage chair and offer a 12 minute head, neck, shoulder & back massage working with acupressure points and using known indian head massage techniques. It’s great fun, and for those who have never experienced one, it’s a great way to introduce people to the idea of having a massage. Some of my ‘regulars’ turn up too and take advantage of a quick rub down whilst browsing for christmas presents ~ what’s not to like! 6 hours and 19 heads later, I’m ready for my own rub down and some tlc!

Also on my stand are beautiful handmade bags from Salsacs French Vintage Textiles and fantastic banana yarn  scarves, yoga socks and fingerless mittens from Shakti Creations – designs exclusive to Under The Lime Tree.


Open House! Thursday 21st Nov ~ 10am to 5pm. 10% off!

Look after yourself for Life, not just for Christmas! You’ll get 10% off all Holistic Spa Treatments & Packages ~ Pamper Days, Pamper Nights, full body Hot Stone massage, Shiatsu or seated Indian Head massage at this great event on Thursday 21st November at Aunac, alongside Namaskar Accessories, Neals Yard Organics and much more! 9 route de la Garenne, Aunac 16460.

Come and try a seated Indian Head massage! Even only 10 minutes of this enjoyable and stress relieving therapy can promote health and reduce sickness levels. No oils or lotions are used, so slide into my specially designed chair and just chill…! 

This massage is very versatile and effective. Seated Indian Head massage combines techniques taken from a variety of ancient massage techniques. The result is a unique massage experience that can be both invigorating and energising, and thoroughly relaxing both mentally and physically. I will use my hands, palms and fingers to apply pressure to the acupressure points on your head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and spine. A usual session is 30 minutes.

Any of my holistic spa treatments and packages are a great Christmas present to yourself, or to your friends and family! And they can be taken at any time! 


See my web site for all holistic Spa Treatments at Under The Lime Tree ~ The Cool Place to B & Be!™