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Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Workshop!

If you’ve ever wondered what Qi Gong is all about, or even how to pronounce it, now’s your chance to find out! We’re running a workshop to introduce Qi Gong to Beginners on Tuesday 25th June here at UTLT. Try something new by learning this ancient practice! Similar to Tai Chi but different, you’ll understand balance and coordination, strength and softness, stillness and movement all at the same time!

qi gong workshopWith its origins in centuries old martial arts, the regular practice of Qi Gong will revitalize mind and body, bringing improved health, reduced stress and clearer thinking to the student. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from established practitioner and accomplished teacher Brigitta Wingate, who’s been successfully running courses in other areas of France for some time now. Sign up and book this date into your diary – you won’t be disappointed!


Art Workshops at UTLT!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding beginner learning how to create a painting or a a more accomplished artist looking to improve your techniques, local artist Jocelyn Bridge will skillfully guide you up to the next level of achievement! Sign up for one of these dates from May to August and make sure you don’t miss out on expressing those hidden talents! Or on a tasty palette of nutritious delicious food!

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The above dates are designed to suit those of you already local to the area. During all Painting courses, materials and equipment will be for hire and for sale.

We are also offering two 4-day Residential Summer Painting courses in July and August for those of you who want to stay at Under The Lime Tree and combine art workshops with your holiday! Book your self in to one of these two 4-day full board Residential holiday courses ~ Monday 8th to Thursday 12th July or Monday 12th to Thursday 15th August ~ for a truely relaxing but informative break away from the mundane and familiar.

Day 1 & 2 @ Under the Lime Tree (learning to paint en plein air)

Day 3 @ Local market town (painting en plein air)

Day 4 @ Under the Lime Tree (Unstructured/Free Painting with Jocelyn available to give help, discuss progress, achievements etc) 

Come for just the 4 days or stay for longer if you like at a discounted rate. Please contact me for details.

Local artist Jocelyn Bridge is ideally placed to share her favourite painting locations with you. Following a career as a Landscape Architect & Urban Designer, Jocelyn studied Fine Art. She now paints full time, exhibiting regularly and teaching. Her professional background gives her a deep understanding of landscapes & townscapes around her. A vegetarian for 22 years and a Vegetarian Society member she says: “Under The Lime Tree is a fantastic setting for an art holiday. The location offers variety, from distant views of rolling countryside to ancient buildings bursting with character. All this with gourmet vegetarian food too! ” 

Jocelyn is a very experienced artist and teacher and has exhibited extensively, both locally and abroad in her home country of Scotland. See more of her work at

Jocelyn Bridge painting


Painted Mandalas!

Here’s what the girls were able to paint after being guided through Jackie Maude’s visual meditation. They sat quietly in the meditation hall upstairs – ok, that’s a bit of a grand name for the mezzanine level of the barn, but hey! it worked! – becoming grounded, feeling safe, going within…being guided with skill and careful attention to detail to drop our usual way of thinking and take a deeper, wider view, opening up our mind’s eye and learning to see what’s there. Then after a yummy mid morning break of cardamon & ginger biscuits and bean brownies (well, who wouldn’t be inspired after such food for thought?) walked silently around our garden in springtime… After an equally picturesque lunch – oops! no time to take photos, you’ll just have to take my word for it! – Sue Hackney took over and explained the idea of a mandala and how it relates to what they saw in their mind’s eye… all pretty cool stuff, don’t you think?!

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You’ll be pleased to know that the next Meditation & Mandala Day is already planned for Friday June 14th. Why not try your hand at painting your very own mandala after a morning of mindful meditation. As one of our participants said.. “Thank you very much for a lovely day. I really did enjoy it all enormously. I’ve not found (or made!) time to paint for over two years now and had forgotten just how much I enjoy it!”

Don’t wait to do the things you enjoy doing – just do them!

Grow Baskets!


Aren’t these beautiful! The basket weaving courses we’ve lined up in March and April (February’s date is fully booked) will get you well on the road to making these wonderful additions to your garden or patio!

And here’s a reminder of the courses we’re running and what you can expect in the two days…