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Qi Gong ~ profound; powerful; peaceful.

“I shall never forget this day ~ wonderful class, fabulous views, excellent food. Thank you so much!” Frankie

I’m in agreement with Frankie! We were a cosy group for the Qi Gong workshop yesterday, and I was so pleased I had the opportunity to join the class. What power in the slow, deliberate movements! Such grace and gentleness in the simplicity of sequences! We were all quite amazed really at how peacefully powerful qi gong could be. This ancient practice has its origins in chinese martial arts and was developed to improve and maintain one’s health on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Stress is the number 1 cause of the body falling into dis-ease but with these simple – although, surprisingly not easy – techniques, we can keep the body in optimum condition, and in so doing, keep the dreaded symptoms of stress and its related side effects at bay.

The reason simple movements can be difficult to do is because generally, we move at such speed and with so many other distractions going on in our mind that we ‘forget’ either to breathe or how to be deliberately slow with our movements, or both! I was deeply impressed and found the day profound, powerful and peaceful.



Beautiful sunshine for our Meditative Mandala day!

Super weather for yesterday’s Meditation & Mandala Day. Here’s what happens when you mix a little bit of guided meditation with a little bit of mandala work and a little touch of magic…


An Afternoon of Meditation with Jackie Maude

Isn’t it funny, or maybe even sad, how we rarely give ourselves the time to sit still and be in the center of the whirlwind that seems constantly pulling us in all directions at once? Like every whirlwind though, the centre is the calmist place to be, and of course, the most difficult to maintain! Energetic, experienced, empowering, and a wise seventy-something-sage, Jackie will guide you step by step how to use simple visualization techniques so that you can always and quickly return to your center. Don’t fall into old habits of panic and distress, this workshop of mindful Meditation with Jackie will focus your mind/thoughts to cope and deal with situations in an easy and accepting way, again and again…

jackie Med

give up osho silence


Vinyasa Yoga Flow Classes at UTLT!

You can check out the details here….


2nd Meditation & Mandala day!

This was so successful last month that we’re already hosting another! Let Reiki Master Jackie Maude guide you through a creative visualisation in the morning and then from your notes and memory, let Sue Hackney guide you through creating your own mandala in the afternoon. Lunch is pretty colourful too! The next one is Friday June 14th ~ let us know if you would like to join the group…

med + mand

Here’s what the folks on the last course came up with… Pretty cool stuff eh? But don’t be influenced by what you see here, come along and see what’s inside your mind!

DSC06125 DSC06126 DSC06124 DSC06123 DSC06120 DSC06118

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Workshop!

If you’ve ever wondered what Qi Gong is all about, or even how to pronounce it, now’s your chance to find out! We’re running a workshop to introduce Qi Gong to Beginners on Tuesday 25th June here at UTLT. Try something new by learning this ancient practice! Similar to Tai Chi but different, you’ll understand balance and coordination, strength and softness, stillness and movement all at the same time!

qi gong workshopWith its origins in centuries old martial arts, the regular practice of Qi Gong will revitalize mind and body, bringing improved health, reduced stress and clearer thinking to the student. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from established practitioner and accomplished teacher Brigitta Wingate, who’s been successfully running courses in other areas of France for some time now. Sign up and book this date into your diary – you won’t be disappointed!