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‘Circuit des Ramparts’ in Angouleme

Racing like it used to be! Every year, in September, the town fills with racing enthusiasts for the Circuit des Remparts, the annual gathering of vintage and classic cars. Modern safety equipment has replaced the hay bales and wooden fences but otherwise the circuit remains unchanged since the first Circuit des Remparts race in 1939. A street race matched only by Monaco and Pau, the racing is certainly serious business for the participants, but for spectators it’s a packed but relaxed weekend when the entire town of Angouleme gives itself over to the smell of burning tyres and the sound of screeching brakes!

This truly classic event is as much about its social aspects as it is the cars! The whole weekend is packed with events starting with a concours d’Elegance, a rally through the Cognac vineyards, a gala buffet in the impressive covered market and of course the racing on the city’s ramparts.

And of course, there’s the exceptional exhibition of cars old and new for any car enthusiast to drool over! Here are Sean’s shots from previous years…

Digital photo courses are available with Sean if you fancy improving your skills in a friendly and informal environment.

Capturing Spring, by Sean

Sean’s second knife

Isn’t this simply gorgeous! Of course, I might be biased, but the feedback from others has also been exceptional. Here’s Sean expressing his passion for knife making as well as his passion for photography…. Check out digital photo courses he’s running at and watch this space for knife making courses too!

Unfolding fern…

Taken with his macro lens shoved into a tiny gap in a log on one of our raised beds in the courtyard, its amazing that Sean was able to capture as much detail as he did. The man’s got a knack, don’t you think?!

unfolding fern

Doesn’t this just make you smile!

You can almost smell the blossom and feel the warmth in this photo taken by Sean with his Sony compact.

Blossom April 2013 005

Photo Courses go live!

So the first of Sean’s Short Digital Photo Courses got underway this morning with local novices, Nick & Tina! Taylor-made to suit their needs, Sean guided them through the characteristics of their own cameras – pretty sophisticated digital DSLRs actually – and then through Photography Essentials, the first in a series of units he’ll be running! The weather was a bit of a non-starter today, but since the two eager beavers are keen to crack on, they’re back same time tomorrow for more, and the chance to do some field work.

If you’ve already expressed an interest in Sean’s courses, do nothing! We will contact you shortly with available dates. If you haven’t already signed up, then visit this page on our web site to see what’s on offer…

Ah! A sniff & a whiff of Spring!

Sean’s digital photography courses are just around the corner as the weather warms up and spring fills the air again…!Daily001 - 2010-05-31 at 19-17-32