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Mushroom & artichoke paté with blue cheese & black olives


This is one of my favourite and most popular recipes. Did you know that mushrooms are incredibly good for you? Even the non-magical types are magical! Ancient civilizations believed that mushrooms had super powers and now modern science is coming to the same conclusion. Mushrooms are very high in anti-oxidants and are the only non-animal source of vitamin D. High in minerals such as potassium, they are also a source of riboflavin, niacin & selenium ~ an essential trace element shown to help protect against prostate and breast cancers, as well as heart disease. Mushrooms contain a high amount of vitamin B12.

So make room for mushrooms today!

You can use any type of mushroom for this recipe, although we’ve got into the habit of using shiitakes, simply because Sean is in the habit of growing them off our own oak logs! It’s quite mad really, but also incredibly exciting.

shiitake_mushroom_logs_under_the_lime_tree mushroom_pate1 shiitake_mushroom_harvest_under_the_lime_tree

50g butter; 1 onion, peeled & chopped; 1 heaped teaspoon ground black pepper; 5 large mushrooms, wiped, destalked & coarsely chopped; 3 artichoke hearts, drained & chopped; 1 handful pitted black olives, chopped; 1 cup breadcrumbs; 1/2 lemon, juiced; 1 tspn black olive tapenade (optional); 50 gms blue cheese, crumbled; handful fresh parsley, chopped. A final crack of black pepper & a twist of lemon slice.

Gently heat the butter in a large saucepan and add the onion. Sauté until translucent, then add the black pepper. Stir, then tip in the mushrooms, artichoke, and olives. Mix through then toss in the breadcrumbs, lemon juice and tapenade (if using). It should be a sticky mix at this stage. Throw in the cheese and parsley and mix through. Serve in individual ramekins warm or chilled, with a final crack of black pepper and the lemon slice. Or stuff into a grilled Portobello mushroom, or warmed pittas, or just heap onto hot toast. Freezes well.


Variations & Vegan version: Add some pine nuts for a bit of crunch or a few mashed chestnuts for a protein fix. You can make this recipe completely animal free by switching butter with margarine and omitting the cheese. Simples!

Bon Appétit!

Copies of Nikki’s recipe book are available from Amazon or signed from Under The Lime Tree


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