Too busy to blog!

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “not enough time”, don’t you think? I’m the kind of person who needs to get done all the things on my list before doing anything else. This is a great philosophy if you have to work to timelines and schedules – as I so often have to, certainly with regard to food prep etc. – but it does mean that other stuff gets neglected – like blogging! – and then its harder to pick up the thread again.

Anyway, no more excuses! I’ve just been through my busiest two weeks EVER! I say that every year of course, but for this year, it feels fantastic to have made it through the EPIC amount of meal planning, shopping, food preparation, bed stripping, washing, drying, bed making, cleaning, airport running, cooking, massaging and managing! Phew!

All the beds – bunk house, ensuite, studio gite, and a couple of times, the tipi lodge – have been booked, pretty much back to back for a month and even now, 14 Spanish guests are enjoying all the facilities here at UTLT for the next fortnight!

“Isn’t it ironic” one of my guests said, “that you provide the place and space for complete relaxation of mind, body and soul, but don’t have the chance to benefit from it yourself”! Well that’s certainly true when the place is busy with workshops, lunches, b&b guests, Pamper day clients, dinner guests. I’m not likely to swing in the hammock when the place is rocking! And when its all quiet? Well, I’m still not that likely to do it! As I say, my list is long! So the Spaniards are out for the day, its calm and tranquil, the sun is shining, and although I’m here at my desk, there are cakes to bake, tarts to make, courgettes to harvest (AGAIN), jams to sell & store, social media to catch up on…

…et voila! I’m actually, STILL too busy to blog, but at least now you know where I’ve been! Here’s some  photos of the past two weeks…

You can find out more of what’s on offer at UTLT at our main site

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