Seed sowing – exceedingly good fun!

The only problem with sowing our seeds this year has been the weather! You can’t wait for the perfect time of course, because you’d never get enough growing time. But you can start off and help your seedlings along by trying to maintain a temperature at least above 12 C. We have a couple of cold frames which are great during the day, but too cold at night! So why are they called ‘cold’ frames – surely they should be ‘hot’ frames?! (Don’t call me Shirley!). Anyway, here’s our first batch of seedlings…the second set will be done a couple of weeks later (which makes that NOW, actually!).

DSC06192 DSC06193 DSC06194 DSC06196 DSC06201 DSC06208 DSC06212

We’ve got everything going ~ from aubergines to artichokes, beetroot to butternut, courgettes to cauli, melons to mangetout, sweet corn to sweet pea, red cabbage to yellow tomato and lots more besides! Now all we need is sunshine.

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