Bonne Annee as the french say!

You could also say that we’re well into the New Year to be saying Happy New Year! Never mind – better late than never, surely? (Don’t call me shirley). Isn’t it always Ok to finally do, say and start the things we’ve always wanted to do, say and start? I think it is Ok, but it’s not always so simple. If it was as easy as it sounds, none of us would have a ‘to do’ list!  New Year is always a great symbol of the passing of time – it reminds us of the things we haven’t done as much as, if not more than, the things we did. So it’s always a great opportunity to kick start ourselves into finally taking action. When we realize that we can wise up and divide the year into its months, weeks, days, hours and seconds, we understand that actually, NOW is the time! NOW is the moment! NOW I will start! NOW!

So this is what I am doing. I’m starting now. I have been procrastinating over this blog for days. I have been immersed in the infinity of the internet and had my mind wiped clean by other people’s blogrolls; I have wandered – aimlessly at times – around word press, trying to categorize, tag and generally get on top of widgets and I have hovered hopelessly over headings and sidebars, instagrams and gravatars. I still don’t think I ‘get it’, but I’ve decided well, so what.

Here’s the bloomin’ blog! Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to do it standing on my head…       ps. Happy New Year! Happy New You! xx



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